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Radio Stafford 103 was created in 2011 by service users of the Stafford Centre who wanted not only to entertain but also to provide positive messages about mental health, as well as advice and support.  

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Our Radio Station is run by people who use our service. Radio Stafford 103 is about sharing with others and informing people about mental health issues and services. We are not about being perfect but about having fun, getting involved and reaching out to people who may be experiencing similar issues. We all have good days and not so good days – isn’t that just like life?

Our Story

The Stafford Centre is a community resource for people experiencing mental health difficulties living in the Edinburgh area. Our aim is to help people to manage their mental health, gain greater self-confidence and become more integrated within the community. The Stafford Centre is run by Support in Mind Scotland.

  • People are afraid to seek help because of the stigma and discrimination they face

  • Most discrimination is experienced within health and social care settings

  • People with serious illness die 20 years younger than their peers because of poor physical health that goes undiagnosed or untreated because of attitudinal barriers to care

  • 93% of People with serious illness are long-term unemployed and living on benefits

  • Carers of people with mental illness are twice as likely to experience their own mental health problems as carers of other conditions/illnesses

As staff and volunteers we will:

  • Show respect and tolerance for everyone who has contact with our organisation

  • Develop an evidence base for everything that we do and say

  • Involve and engage everyone we support in decision-making about our services and what our organisation does

  • Ensure that everything we do has tangible benefits for people affected by mental illness or a mental health problem

  • Be person-centred and not service-led